Volunteers should be 16 or over and there is no upper limit.

Country of residence

We welcome volunteers from any country who have a good command of the English Language both written and verbal. Please contact your local Thai embassy for any possible visa restrictions.


Thailand is a very safe country to visit and travel, however, we do advise that you take all reasonable steps to protect yourself and your belongings whilst here.


If your project (and any holiday you may take) is less than 30 days in total, you will not need to apply for a visa. Simply fill in the holiday visa application form on arrival into Thailand.

If you choose to stay longer than 30 days but less than 90 then you will need to apply for a '60-day tourist visa' or a 'non-immigrant 90-day visa' (depending on the length of your stay) prior to leaving your country. These visas can be obtained from your nearest Thai embassy. LemonGrass provides a covering letter to aid your application.

If you choose to stay longer than 90 days you will need to apply for a one-year non-immigrant visa from your local Thai embassy.


We strongly recommend that you contact your Doctor for the latest relevant information on which vaccinations and medication you may require on your visit to Thailand.

Medical conditions

There are many things to consider regarding health including your current state of health. It is important that volunteers are in a reasonably good state of health before they travel.

Surin has good hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, and dentists so in the unfortunate and unlikely event that you should fall ill while volunteering you can rest assured that help is not far away. We do, however, advise volunteers to make sure they have suitable travel insurance in case they need to make use of the local health facilities.

Disabled volunteers

Disabled volunteers are encouraged to come on LemonGrass projects, but please discuss your situation with us before making a decision on whether to volunteer.

Travel insurance

It is extremely important that all volunteers take out personal travel insurance to cover them for the period they are volunteering. LemonGrass cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by volunteers due to ill health or accidents. We recommend they contact a reputable insurance broker for a suitable insurance policy. If you are not sure who to contact, it may be worth contacting one of the large Travel organisations like STA travel who specialise in travel for independent travellers and volunteers.

Travel arrangements

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to make his or her own travel arrangements to Bangkok. There are some very good companies who specialise in travel for the independent traveller. They are particularly good at organising complicated and quite often cheap travel packages all around the world.

Criminal record

It is a requirement that all LemonGrass volunteers do not possess a criminal record.

Volunteer with camera and children