Why volunteer?

You have decided you want to do some volunteering and you have found this page, you may still be wondering, 'is it right for me?' The simple answer is probably yes!

If you are looking to make a real and lasting difference in people's lives in a developing country then volunteering with LemonGrass is for you. We understand that you want to help other people improve their lives and we also understand that you want to get something out of it for yourself.

Volunteering is a great life experience, and as well as the many personal benefits you will undoubtedly get while doing it, one of the great things is the boost it can give your resume/CV, LemonGrass gladly provides references for any volunteer that requests them.

Your time, energy and commitment really will make a difference to these people's lives. The simple knowledge that you have made a difference is enough to make all our volunteers happy, but it doesn't stop there! You will meet many interesting people, you will experience many new things and in the process enrich your lives and broaden your horizons.

Volunteers by mountain view